Collection: For Dark Eyes

If you have dark brown eyes and are looking for a pair of colored contact lenses to enhance or change your black brown iris color, there are you are in the right place. Finallure tinted color contacts offer various options for your daily, party, and dating makeup. 

Our colored contacts can used to enhance or complement the natural hue of your eyes, allowing for a brighter and more vibrant appearance. They offer the possibility to completely transform dark brown eyes into different shades such as blue or green.

  • Hazel or Amber Contacts:
    • Hazel or amber colored contact lenses can complement dark brown eyes by adding warmth and depth. Hazelnut or amber colors often pair well with brown eyes, allowing you to create a natural look.
    • Here are some hazel or amber color contacts that are best for brown eyes: 3 Tone Pure Hazel, Fiesta Hazel, and Hidrocor Amber.
  • Green Contacts:
    • Green contact lenses can contrast with dark brown eyes to create a bold and eye-catching appearance. Choose a shade of green that complements your skin tone for a more natural look.
  • Blue Contacts:
    • Blue contacts can provide a striking and vibrant contrast with deep brown eyes. Some people prefer a subtle light blue for a more natural appearance, while others like to have a more intense shade for a bold look.
  • Gray Contacts:
    • Gray contact lenses can give you a sophisticated and modern look. They can flatter dark brown eyes without being overly dramatic, adding some subtle color variation to the eyes.

When choosing colored contacts, it's essential to consider the opacity, base curve, and diameter to ensure a comfortable fit. Additionally, consult with an eye care professional before purchasing colored contacts to ensure they are suitable for your eyes and to receive proper guidance on usage and care. Always follow the recommended guidelines for cleaning and wearing your contacts to maintain eye health.

Keep in mind that the final appearance may vary based on factors such as the natural color of your eyes, the design of the contacts, and the lighting conditions.