Collection: Blue Colored Contacts

Get ready for a total eye makeover with blue color contact lenses! Whether you have deep brown or hazel eyes and whether you want a light enhancement or a dramatic change, Finallure’s blue eye contact lenses could change the way you look and style yourself! Explore our extensive selection of blue contact lenses and discover a captivating new eye color to make a statement.

Blue is hailed as one of the most captivating eye colors, only a mere 8% of the global population naturally boasts blue eyes. This exclusive hue is predominantly found in individuals of Northern European descent, including Icelanders, Finns, and Latvians.

Now, you don't have to be part of that 8% to revel in the charm of blue eyes. Finallure's blue contact lenses can transform your iris into a mesmerizing palette of sparkling sapphire, tranquil turquoise, or even crystalline ice-blue. Whether you desire a subtle shift to light blue eyes without compromising on a natural appearance or crave the intensity of deep blue ocean waves, our diverse range of blue contact lenses has you covered.

The popularity of blue colored contact lenses has increased in recent years as people desire to enhance or alter their natural eye color. Have you ever wondered what makes blue eyes so captivating and unique?

The variation in eye color is primarily determined by the quantity of melanin present in the iris. Dark brown eyes contain a higher concentration of melanin, while light brown eyes have less, and light blue eyes possess even lower levels. The allure of blue eyes extends beyond their rarity; they have been found to exhibit heightened sensitivity to light, resulting in a brighter and clearer appearance compared to other eye colors.

The blue color contact lenses offer an ideal and easy method to enhance or alter your inherent eye color. If you possess brown eyes, wearing blue contact lenses can remarkably transform your eyes and appearance.

If you're looking for the best blue contact lenses to change your eye color, you've come to the right place! Finallure offers over 50 shades of blue contact lenses, ranging from natural designs to dramatic styles with or without a limbal ring.

Each lens in our range of blue colored contact lenses is perfect for daily wear, fancy dress, or just for adding some subtle sparkle to your working outfit. If you are to find a baby blue hue in your eyes, then these light blue contacts are highly recommended to you! Hidrocor Marine, Hidrocor Topaz, and Cloud Light Blue. If you require something a little darker, we have deeper sapphire and 3 Tone blue which give you the stunning dark blue look, like 3 Tone Brilliant Blue, Hidrocor Azul, Nonno Blue, and Fiesta Blue.

Our blue colored contact lenses can enhance your brown eyes, transforming them into stunning shades of blue, regardless of whether they are dark or light brown. Blue is an excellent choice for those looking to change their natural brown eye color. Even if you have dark brown eyes, our unrivaled color opacity blue contacts can effortlessly convert your black-brown iris into a mesmerizing shade of blue, they offer plenty of coverage over darker eye colors, making it virtually impossible for anyone to detect that you are wearing contact lenses!

The blue contacts are not only safe but also user-friendly. Despite their affordability, our blue lenses do not compromise on quality.  Rest assured that all of our lenses have successfully met the standards set by FDA, IOS, and CE.  Therefore, as long as you adhere to the recommended guidelines for wearing and cleaning them, they will provide a safe and comfortable experience. With a water content ranging from 38% to 40%, our contacts ensure optimal comfort for your eyes.

If you are in search of natural baby blue contact lenses or if you desire a slightly deeper shade, we offer an array of sapphire and light blue tones that cater to your brown eyes. Our collection boasts a variety of cosmetic contact lenses featuring bold blue shades and styles.  For those seeking a more natural appearance, we have numerous designs that flawlessly replicate the look of a genuine iris. 


*Are blue contact lenses safe to wear?

The blue contact lenses offered by Finallure have been approved by the FDA, ensuring their overall safety for your eyes when proper care and hygiene practices are followed. Including washing your hands before handling the lenses, regularly disinfecting them, and avoiding wearing them during swimming and sleeping. For detailed instructions on how to properly care for your contact lenses, please refer to our wear and care guide.

*Do blue contact lenses work on brown eyes?

Our blue colored contact lenses can enhance and transform both dark and light brown eyes, including the deepest shades of brown, into stunning variations of blue.  However, it is important to note that the extent of color change may vary depending on the specific shade of blue chosen and the natural darkness level of your brown eyes.  With an exquisite selection ranging from captivating turquoise hues to sophisticated sapphire tones, our blue contacts are guaranteed to meet your expectations for enhancing your beautiful brown eyes!

*Are your blue contact lenses non-prescription?

We offer a diverse range of non-prescription cosmetic lenses, including natural colors that are specifically designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your eyes without addressing any visual impairments. Our collection of non-prescription blue contact lenses has a variety of shades and styles, suited for different preferences and occasions, ranging from natural-looking options to bold and dramatic choices.

*Where do I order blue contacts?

There are many sources that you can order blue contacts, if you need a prescription blue lens, you can get it from an optometrist. Ordering online is the most popular way to purchase non-prescription contact lenses. Buy blue contact lenses on Finallure, we offer free shipping to the United States for all orders. Moreover, we extend this service to Canada, the UK, Australia, and the EU as well.  Our priority is ensuring prompt delivery of your blue colored contact lenses. With our fully tracked services, you can conveniently monitor their journey to your doorstep.