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Roze Airy Gray

Roze Airy Gray

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Water content: 38%
Power: 0.00
Material: HEMA
Base curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Replacement: 6 months
Tones: 2 tones
Packaging: 1x Pair contacts (2 lenses) + 1x Lens case

Note: The effect given by the colored contact lenses may vary depending on the original color of your iris.


Processing Time

In principle, Order Processing Time is 1-3 days.

Shipping Time

1. Standard Free Shipping ( 10-14 Business Days)

2. Expedited Shipping  ( 5-9 Business Days)

Shipping Cost

Free Shipping On All Orders! Expedited Shipping is $9.9. Important: The P.O. Box addresses are not deliverable for Expedited Shipping, please do not provide a P.O. Box address.

More shipping details please visit our shipping policy.


All contact lenses are manufactured under the control of a certified Quality Management System, compliance with FDA, CE, ISO 13485

Wear & Care

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Prodcut

Are your colored contacts safe?

Typically speaking, FAD, CE and ISO certification are the benchmarks used to verify the safety of colored contacts.

Ensuring our product’s safety and compliance, providing a fabulous shopping experience to our customers are always Finallure’s top priorities.

All colored contacts from Finallure have passed the certifications of FAD & CE & ISO, aiming to give you the highest level of safety guarantee.

Do you have the colored contact lenses for astigmatism?

We currently doesn't provide colored contact lenses for astigmatism. Please check your eye prescription carefully before purchasing.

Why is the actual color defferent from the picture?

Due to different factors such as lighting, camera lens filter, surrounding color, and original eye color/eye shape, lenses' actual look on eyes might look different for different people. Please consider these differences before placing your order.

What to do when lenses irritate eyes?

Please soak your lenses in care solution which is exclusive for contact lenses for 24 hours, then rinse and scrub your lenses gently.Check the two sides before wearing lenses to avoid uncomfortable experience, such as irritation, dry eyes, blurry vision, etc

Can you get prescription colored contacts?

Yes! Finallure’s contact lenses are available in prescription and non- prescription, you can choose the degree that are best suitable to you.

If you have normal vision, you can choose plano lenses (0.00). Otherwise, Please consult your eye doctor to confirm the diopter counts before placing an order.

How to put and remove contact lens?

  • How to put in contact lenses?

Step 1: After you get the lenses, please do not put on them immediately. The liquid in the package is saline and disinfectant, and it will irritate your eyes. Please put the lenses in the contact lens care solution about 6-8 hours before you wear them.

Step 2: Take the lens out from the packet gently after washing and drying your hands. Then make sure you are holding the correct side of the lens.

Step 3: Hold up your upper eyelid and pull down your lower lid, then use the index finger to gently place the lens.

Step 4: Look up and down, left and right after putting the lens in so that it will settle into place, then close your eye in a while.

Step 5: Do again for the other eye through simple steps!

  • How to remove contact lenses?

Step 1: Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes.

Step 2: Use your clean hand to gently pull down your lower eyelid, then pull up your upper eyelid.

Step 3: Using your index finger and thumb to pinch the lens gently.

Step 4: Look up and slide the lens down gently so that the lens will be kept in your eye, then pinch it off onto a finger. Do it again for the other eye.

How to take care of contact lenses?

1.Clean and disinfect the lens with moderate care solution (Place the contact in the palm of your hand. Wet your lenses with a few drops of care solution and carefully rub the lenses).

2. Use fresh care solution each time and discard solution from lens case after each use.

3. Remember to change the solution regularly if you do not wear the lens often.

4. Rinse and scrub your lens every 2-3 days to prevent protein precipitation effectively.

5. Keep the lens away from sharp objects because the lenses are very thin and vulnerable.

How long do colored eye contacts last?

Finallure offers colored eye contacts at six months disposal and yearly disposal, you can choose what frequency you want among them. But please keep in mind that do NOT wear the colored contacts beyond their recommended replacement cycle to reduce the risk of eye infections.

About Order & Shipping

When do I suppose to receive my package?

All orders are processed and dispatched from our warehouses within 72 hours upon confirmation.

There are 2 shipping plans available:
• Standard Shipping: FREE, delivery takes 10 to 14 business days;
• Express Shipping: US$9.9, delivery takes 5 to 9 business days.

For more information, please check our Shipping Policy

How can I track my package?

After the package is sent, you will receive a confirmation email. You can see your tracking number in the email(Sometimes in the Spam box), please use the tracking number to check on the website can also log in to the member center to check your order!

What to do if the parcel has not arrived for more than 20 business days?

First of all, please check the delivery status of your parcel with the tracking number we sent to you via email. Then, please contact your local delivery service company such as USPS and Canada Post. If you still can't find your parcel, please contact our Customer Service via email:

How to change my order information?

If your order has not been processed, you can change the order information within 2 hours after you complete your payment. Please contact our customer service team and provide us with the order number and correct information you want to change.

Our staffs work speedily to get all orders processed and shipped out,therefore we are unable to change anything once order have been processed, such as shipping details, quantity of item, color and diopter counts.

Please make sure all the information is correct when you checkout.

How to cancel my order?

If your order has not been processed, you can cancel the order within 2 hours after you complete your payment. We will process your payment cancellation and refund within 7 business days.

Can l exchange or return my order?

We only exchange products that are damaged, wrong product, wrong size, or defective.

Please turn to Return/Refund Policy and get more details. Our customer service team will solve your problems as soon as possible.

What to do if the items I received is damaged or incorrectness?

Please contact us via email with your order number and the picture of the items within 2 days after you received it.

Please enclose the picture and tell us the details of issue,we will check and solve it for you as soon as possible.