The Ultimate Guide Of White Contact Lenses 2024

Are you ready to make a scary statement with your eyes?  White contact lenses offer a striking appearance that has become essential dramatic contacts in the world of costume and special effects. Non-prescription white lenses are available in a vast array of popular and niche pattern designs, making them a favorite among Halloween enthusiasts, FX artists, and cosplayers.

Ranging from ghosts and zombies' blind white lenses ideal for iconic horror characters to whimsical options like white tick-tock contacts inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Over 40 designs of white color contacts allow you to replicate iconic horror movie characters. Suitable for various cosplay themes and fantasy Halloween costume looks.

Here's our complete guide to helping you achieve different dramatic looks, anything from a demon ghost to working dead-blind eyes!

Blind white contacts/Whiteout contact lenses

whiteout contactsblind white contacts

The all-white contacts, also known as 'blind white' or 'pure white', are highly favored designs in our white color range. They are particularly suitable for emulating horror movie characters such as those from The Exorcist, 28 Days Later, and AMC's Walking Dead. Additionally, they serve as the optimal choice for FX artists aiming to create terrifying slasher, zombie, blind, and death appearances.

White mesh contacts

white mesh contacts

The mesh contact lenses feature a white grid-like pattern that completely covers the iris and pupil, instantly creating an eerie appearance by giving the illusion of a nonexistent pupil. This makes them the ultimate choice for Halloween, perfect for replicating characters such as Zombie, Hinata Hyuga, ONE Punch Man Saitama, Storm (X-men), Lord of Thunder, as well as various ghostly and demonic cosplay/costume options.

White sclera contacts

mini sclera white contactsBlind White Sclera Contacts

The sclera contacts are full-eye contact lenses that fully cover the visible part of the eye, including the iris. We offer two options: 22mm white sclera contacts and 17mm mini white sclera lenses. These specially designed lenses are perfect for dramatic costumes and Halloween events, transforming your eyes into something truly spooky. Our white sclera contacts are best for recreating a variety of gothic, zombie, and even extreme fantasy looks.


Can I still see with white contacts?

There is no doubt that blind or all-white contacts can effectively obstruct your vision by covering your iris and completely altering the color of your eyes. If you desire the eerie white horror eye effect while still maintaining optimal eyesight, then whiteout contacts would be the ideal choice for you.

Are white color contact lenses safe?

These white lenses are specifically designed for Halloween cosplay and costume use, and they have been approved by the FDA to ensure their safety and quality.  They are made from a soft HEMA material with a water content of 38%, which helps keep the eyes hydrated while wearing them, unlike other lenses that may cause dryness. However, it is important to wear and care for these contact lenses properly in order to minimize the risk of eye infections.

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