How to paly Naruto's character?

Naruto is a classic anime that still has countless fans even after it ended, and among them are some seriously impressive cosplayers who dress up as characters from the show. 

How to play the role of Naruto?

Playing as a character from Naruto can be a fun activity, both in role-playing activities and in everyday life. Before you start playing as a Naruto character, make sure to get familiar with their background, like their story, personality, goals, and combat skills. Also, check out what kind of costume they have and consider buying or making one yourself. You might even want to try some makeup or wear a mask, or contact lenses.

Here are some points to note when cosplaying as Naruto

Learn more about your character's background

Before playing, be sure to learn more about the character you choose, including their backstory, upbringing, personality traits, and key moments in the story. This can help you better understand the character and provide a more accurate basis for acting.

Study the character's appearance and clothing

Observe and analyze the character's attire and physical attributes meticulously. Every character in Naruto often has distinctive wardrobes and iconic appearances, particularly their Sharingan eyes; thus, acquiring a pair of realistic Sharingan contact lenses becomes imperative to emulate their gaze accurately. Precisely replicating their characteristics can significantly enhance a character's recognizability.

Learn the character's language and accent

Each characters in Naruto have their unique speech styles and accents. By observing their dialogue in the story, and learning and imitating their speaking methods, you can better restore their language characteristics.

Master your character’s movements and expressions

The way your character moves and expresses themselves is super important in shaping who they are. So, pay close attention to how they act in different situations and try copying those traits to make the role feel more real.

Practice lines and quotes

The characters in Naruto usually have some classic lines and quotes. Make sure you get familiar with them and learn these dialogues so that you can use them whenever you want to make your role more realistic.

Understand your character’s emotions and motivations

The emotions and motivations of your character in the story are the key to shaping how they act and make decisions. Understanding what's going on inside their head can help you better understand why they do what they do and how they express themselves emotionally.

Talk to other cosplayers

If you have the opportunity, talk to other people who are playing the same character in the story and share your experiences and perspectives. This helps to understand the character from different perspectives and improves the accuracy of the performance.

Respect Character Creators and Fans

While cosplaying, make sure to show respect for the creators of the characters and other fans. It's important to honor the original works and avoid exaggerating or distorting character images to maintain a positive atmosphere within the cosplay community.

By carefully studying and practicing these points, you can play your chosen Naruto character more accurately and vividly, making the experience more fulfilling and fun.

No nonsense, we're showcasing some of the gorgeous Naruto cosplayers out there!

Uchiha Itachi

Uchiha Itachi cosplay

Although Itachi in the Naruto anime appears as a supporting character, Itachi's popularity is not weaker than that of the protagonist at all, and even surpassed the protagonist at one time. Itachi was born in the Uchiha clan and was the son of the clan leader. He showed extraordinary talents since childhood. He graduated from the ninja school and became a ninja at the age of 7. He joined the ANBU at the age of 11 and became the captain of the ANBU at the age of 13. In the same year, in order to protect his younger brother, he accepted The mission of Konoha's high-level officials was the famous Uchiha incident. Then Itachi became a rebel and joined the Akatsuki organization. This cosplayer mimic Uchiha Itachi is almost perfect, but a slight lack of expression in his eyes, perhaps the reason Itachi is hard to imitate.

Scorpion of the Red Sand

Scorpion was originally a genius puppet boy from Sand Hidden Village. He lost his parents when he was young. When he grew up, he assassinated the strongest Kazekage at the time, the Third Kazekage, and became a rebel ninja. After being defeated by Konan, he joined the Akatsuki, and modified himself using puppet techniques to remain forever young. This is also the reason why Scorpion still looks young after more than ten years. This cosplayer cosplay of Scorpion obviously controls Scorpion's appearance. How would you rate this cosplay?

Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke cosplay

Sasuke, Itachi's younger brother, may not have the same level of talent, but he is still a genius among his peers. After the Uchiha incident, he turns dark and seeks revenge at any cost, eventually becoming a rogue ninja and submitting his body to Orochimaru. However, being the main character, Sasuke manages to survive. The guy cosplaying Sasuke captures his aloof and arrogant demeanor perfectly, making it quite impressive.


Haku cosplay

Haku, born in a small village in the Water Country, was abandoned by his family when they discovered his bloodline limit - Ice Release. Found by rogue ninja Zabuza, Haku not only received food but also learned ninjutsu and assassination techniques. The first time Haku appeared, many mistook him for a girl due to his beauty. The cosplayer of Haku is also very handsome, meeting the prerequisite of having the right looks for the character.

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake cosplay

Kakashi, the son of the White Fang of Konoha, was considered a genius from a young age. After the Third Great Ninja War, he received his friend's Sharingan, earning the title of Copy Ninja for replicating over a thousand jutsu. Wearing a mask every time he appears, Kakashi exudes mystery and strength. The young man cosplaying Kakashi almost perfectly resembles him, especially with the white hair and Mangekyou Sharingan eye, staying true to Kakashi's original appearance.

Neji Hyuga

Neji Hyuga cosplay

Neji, a ninja from the branch family of the Hyuga clan, is destined to serve the main family. Despite being recognized as a genius, he transforms the Chunin Exams due to Naruto's influence. In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Neji makes his own choices, truly becoming a free individual. The cosplayer of Neji, dressed in white with Byakugan white eyes, brings Neji to life as if he stepped out of the anime into the real world.

How would you rate the cosplay of these Naruto characters by these cosplayers?

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